Shipping Instructions

Please let us know about one month before your hunt and we will make laminated shipping tags for you and supply you with trophy shipping instructions.

All shipments must be prepped and salted. If frozen, send UPS or FED-X (Next Day Air).

Shipments from outside the U.S. (e.g. Asia, Africa, Canada, etc) should be sent to:

<your/hunter’s name>/Wild West Wildlife Art Taxidermy Studio
An Approved USDA Facility/Permit # 1A0318160
Attn: Mitch Cain
Brownstone International Customs Broker
PO BOX 56056
Portland, Oregon 97238
Tel: 503.287.9672
Fax: 503.287.9672

Shipments from the U.S. should be sent to:

Wild West Wildlife Art (Attn: Mitch Cain)
24551 Highway 140E
Dairy, Oregon 97625
Tel: 541.545.6075