Alden Glidden, M.D.

Mitch Cain has been my taxidermist for twenty years. He has done full body mounts for me from my African Safari, Asian, North American, and South Pacific hunts. Mitch has completed numerous pedestal and shoulder mounts of multiple different species. I have never been disappointed in any of his taxidermy work. He studies each animal, modifies the mount in any manner that we have decided on, and then delivers a wonderful lifelike product. – Klamath Falls, Oregon

John Murphy

I’m happy as usual with the record book antelope Mitch just finished for me. I first came to Mitch to do another antelope for me in 1991, after looking at about twenty different taxidermists’ work and his looked the most life-like. He was just getting started then, but it was obvious he was better than almost everyone else. In all Mitch has done six heads for me including two antelope, two mule deer, a bighorn sheep, and an Alaskan moose. All are quality mounts and look as good today as when they were first finished. I have never had anyone else do a mount for me and I don’t plan to in the future. Many other taxidermy heads I have looked at do not look natural and they do not look alive. One guide that I talked with about Mitch put it better than I could have: “There are lots of guys doing taxidermy, but he is a wildlife artist taxidermist.” You are going to look at any mount you have done fo a long, long time so entrust it to someone you don’t have to worry about messing it up. You have worked hard and spent a considerable amount of time and money in most cases to harvest such an animal, and Mitch will never disappoint you. I now also consider him a good friend with a passion for what he does. – Medford, Oregon

Scott M. Ackleson

I have used Mitch Cain at Wild West Wildlife Art for all of my taxidermy work for many years. His work has always been consistently excellent and accurately represents the species that is being mounted. He has done many life-size wild sheep mounts for me that are of museum quality. I am happy to give a testimonial and highly recommend Mitch as a true artist in the taxidermy arena! – Las Cruces, New Mexico

Robert Johnson

I have used Mitch Cain’s taxidermy services for Mountain Nyala Tahr, Chamois and Bushbuck. I have been very pleased with Mitch’s artistic presentation of the animals with his mix of life like habitat with them. His turnaround is timely as well as he is honest and fair in his pricing. – Austin, Texas

Donald J. Blackwood, M.D.

The two Russian brown bears that you mounted for my brother and I are the best taxidermy work I have ever seen. Also, the 13 trophies that you did for me from my 2002 Botswana safari trip stand out from all the other work in my trophy room. I never really realized that my other trophies were not as good until I saw your work. I can’t wait to see the big full mount leopard and wart hog from the Zimbabwe safari this past summer. Again thank you for delivering all my trophies safe and sound. – Cleveland, Mississippi